Do you want to know how to remove facial hair – and the pros and cons of the different options available? This article will provide you with this information and also give you advice as to which method of hair removal is best suited to different circumstances and conditions.

How to Remove Facial Hair

Whilst there are many ways to remove facial hair each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The type of facial hair you wish to remove, you skin tone and sensitivity will also affect the best method on how to remove facial hair.

How to Remove Facial Hair – Temporary Methods

There are a lot of options for temporary facial hair removal. The main drawback of all these methods is simply that they are temporary. However in some instances they maybe the correct choice for you.


Instead of finding out how to remove facial hair, have you considered bleaching your facial hair instead?The pros of bleaching are that it is pain-free. The cons of bleaching are that is often not a good solution if you have dark skin as the lighter bleached hairs may actually be even more visible than before.

Another drawback of bleaching is that it means that you (hopefully a qualified beautician) are using harsh chemicals on your skin and you may have a reaction to these chemicals. A positive aspect of bleaching is that it lasts for up to four weeks.


It is a myth that shaving causes hair to thicken and darken. Shaving does however mean that the hair has a blunt edge which creates a rougher feel. Another con of using shaving for hair removal is the potential of in-grown hairs. The pro to shaving is that it is very quick and once experienced easy to do. We however recommend shaving as an option only if you have excessive facial hair growth.

Lotions and Creams

Lotions and creams are an easy way to remove unwanted hair – but not best for the more sensitive skin on your face as your skin may reactive to the harsh chemicals contained in hair removal lotions and creams. Depilatory creams are best uses on your legs and arms. Another con to this hair removal method is that it is messy, somewhat time-consuming and can be pretty smelly too!


Another method (and very common method) to remove facial hair is waxing. Anyone who has ever used this hair removal procedure will be quick to tell you the cons of waxing – it hurts! It is not a good facial hair removal method for those with sensitive skin. Another con to waxing is that there is the potential that you may obtain in-grown hairs.

The positive aspect of using waxing for facial hair removal is that it lasts three to four weeks.

Plucking or Tweezing

If you are looking for how to remove facial hair and you have only a small amount of facial hair then plucking or tweezing may appear to be an effective method for you. This is because plucking and tweezing is something that you can do it yourself, therefore there is no cost involved.

The are however many disadvantages of removing facial hair using tweezers. Firstly it is painful, but more importantly is the potential long-term damage that can be causes such as pitting and scarring. You also run the risk of in-grown hairs.


There are many pros for using threading for facial hair removal. Firstly it is relatively easy to learn how to do, threading itself is an easy exercise and you don’t require any tools. The disadvantage to threading it that it can be painful.


Trimming is a good option to keep eyebrows under control. You do need to be careful that you trim both brows to an even shape. With practise this is often successfully used by both men and women to keep their eyebrows neat and even.

Hormonal Medication

As part of menopause some women experience a change in their facial hair, it may become darker and thicker for example. If this seems to be the case we recommend you visit your local doctor who will be able to confirm or not that this is the cause and then if warranted prescribe hormone treatment or oral contraceptives.

Laser Hair Removal

If you are seeking how to remove facial hair and you have dark hair and a light skin then you may wish to consider laser hair removal. The pro of laser hair removal is that over time is reduces the appearance of hair and is not a painful process.

Other advantages of laser hair removal are that it removes a lot of hair very quickly and that the hair stays away longer than other methods such as plucking and waxing.

The major con of laser hair removal is that it is not permanent hair removal and that it is one of the most expensive hair removal methods. Laser treatment can also be painful and there is also the possibility of skin damage.

How to Remove Facial Hair – Permanent Methods


The pro to electrolysis is that it is the only permanent way to remove facial (and other) hair. The con is that it appears to be an expensive method. However when you consider that it will result in permanent removal of hair, you should balance the cost that you would have with on-going temporary hair removal methods.

Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that kills the cells which cause the hair growth. It does take time and several treatments; however it will result in the permanent loss of unwanted facial hair. Electrolysis is also less painful (some people experience no pain whatsoever) than waxing and laser treatment among others.

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