Facial Hair Growth after Menopause and the Best way to Permanently Remove it

There are times in a woman’s life when her hormones are most susceptible to imbalance and menopause is probably the most prevalent. Some women can reach the menopause stage and sail through relatively easily in a short space of time; others will not.

Menopause is the time of life when the body begins to shut down its egg production and can mark the end of menstruation, PMS and the associated side-effects that the monthly cycle can bring. Although the duration of the menopause can vary wildly, once it has been weathered, many women can feel liberated and, for the first time since puberty, their hormone levels can begin to stabilize, giving an energising burst and often a renewed zest for life.

Many thousands of women do suffer with the affects of menopause and need treatment in the form of hormone replacement therapy to help the body to cope with the side effects that are brought about by the often severe fluctuations in hormone levels during this time.

Excess facial hair growth after menopause or during this time is not uncommon, but will often result in coarse growth of minimal hairs on the upper lip and the chin. In the most extreme cases, women going through menopause can gain heavy excess hair on the face, chest and abdomen.

Plucking or waxing are the first options that spring to mind for removal of the excess facial hair growth after menopause. These methods however have to be carried out on a regular basis and will encourage the hair to grow back coarser, stronger and can lead to problems such as ingrowing hairs, skin irritation and distortion.

Bleaching is another method of addressing excess facial hair growth after menopause, but again, this is only masking the problem.

Electrolysis is a gentle form of removing the excess facial hair growth after menopause and is the only method that can guarantee that those hairs will not return – ever!

Elaine, at her stylish new clinic, Clinique Matrice, specialises in permanent hair removal in Brisbane. She has a professional, discreet and caring approach to the often embarrassing occurrence of excess facial hair during menopause.

Using up-to-the-minute computerised technology and the patient skill gained from years of experience, Elaine is able to efficiently treat your condition with the minimum fuss in a comfortable environment. Talk to her today and finally say goodbye to excess facial hair growth after menopause. Look forward once again to a smooth, hair-free complexion.

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