Facial Hair Growth During Pregnancy and What to do About it

Facial hair growth during pregnancy is often stimulated by surges in hormones through the body and can be, if you are prone to facial hair, exacerbated by pregnancy or in some cases can remain sedentary until the baby is born, often resulting in alarming growth rates.

Undergoing Electrolysis during pregnancy is somewhat a ‘grey area.’ It is certainly not recommended during the first trimester, the period that contains the highest risk, due to the sources of stress upon the body in the delicate stages that should be kept to a minimum.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the lack of scientific evaluation of the affects of Electrolysis during pregnancy is enough to have them discourage it altogether as an effective form of hair removal, although it is suggested that Thermolysis is a safer form of Electrolysis to use during pregnancy, as the electrical current does not flow through the body in the same way as galvanic currents do.

Galvanic currents travel through the body via tissues and fluids. The high levels of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby can conduct the current, even in the small amounts used in Electrolysis. Although it is not suggested that this can harm the baby, there is not enough research conducted to disprove the theory either.

Facial hair growth during pregnancy can cause stress

We can weigh up the pro’s and con’s of the stress levels according to the individual, but in most cases, facial hair growth during pregnancy or during everyday life can be a distressing occurrence that is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Facial hair removal is of course, the most obvious top priority for a woman, with no question of shaving, although in extreme cases this is exactly what happens. Waxing, bleaching and plucking can leave the skin damaged, sore or otherwise irritated for long periods and can lead to scarring. Shaving actually encourages hair growth and none of the methods are a satisfactory way of removing facial hair on an effective or permanent basis.

During the final stages of pregnancy, when the baby is well-established, there seems to be little reason why facial hair growth during pregnancy cannot be effectively treated with Thermolysis. It is critical to visit a qualified and experienced Electrolygist for treatment and you should note that a reputable practitioner will require medical authorisation from your health practitioner, sanctioning the treatment before they begin.

Come along and have a chat to Elaine in her discreet, friendly clinic to confidentially discuss your options with her. She is qualified, experienced and sympathetic to your condition. Your facial hair growth during pregnancy need not be an issue.

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