What Causes Facial Hair in Women and How to get rid of it Permanently

When asked what causes facial hair in women, here at Clinique Matrice, we know that there are many different reasons and are happy to advise our clients. Excess facial hair can occur at any time of life, from puberty to menopause and is largely caused by surges in hormonal activity but can also arise from hereditary tendencies and even stress.

Some facial hair growth is perfectly normal in women.

Plucking is probably the most common method of facial hair removal that women across the globe use. What many of us do not realise is that plucking can cause irritation to the delicate skin of the face and, more often than not, results in stronger and coarser regrowth of facial hairs that then require replucking. Electrolysis can address stray facial hairs quickly and comfortably on a permanent basis.

What causes facial hair in women during menopause?

As we get older, levels of oestrogen in our bodies begins to drop and the occurrence of facial hair becomes more prevalent. We may experience excess hairs on the chin and upper lip, often white, but occasionally dark and coarse. Again, this is perfectly normal and is easily treated with Electrolysis in a much more gentle way than plucking or waxing. Each hair is addressed with a tiny clinical probe that targets the hair follicle, resulting in the complete destruction of the root bulb of the hair and eliminating the possibility of regrowth.

What causes facial hair in women to become excessive?

Although it is much more uncommon, some women can experience higher levels of facial hair growth. This can be distressing when the facial hair growth becomes excessive to the point that is usually reserved for men.

Women who suffer with glandular or hormonal conditions and imbalances can experience high levels of excess facial hair around the lips, chin and neck. Again, Electrolysis can help with a reassuring program of permanent hair removal that will work in conjunction with your current medical treatment.

Electrolysis is a far more gentle way of tackling excess hair growth than plucking, waxing or laser hair removal on the sensitive skin of the face.

Elaine, at Clinique Matrice is highly experienced and operates state-of-the-art computerised Electrolysis equipment for the swift and comfortable removal of the unwanted facial hair.

Make an appointment at her discreet and stylish clinic for a consultation. Let Elaine answer your questions about what causes facial hair in women and how she can help you to say goodbye to unwanted facial hair – permanently.

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