HIFU Treatment

We provide HIFU treatment for a range of benefits – from cosmetic and anti-aging, to easing the symptoms of a variety of skin conditions.

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collagen regeneration

What is HIFU?

HIFU is an abbreviated version of High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound, the technology used in the targeting of very specific areas of concern in the skin.

The treatment involves unique delivery of focussed ultrasound, which bypasses the surface of the skin, penetrating the deeper structural tissues. The response that this generates stimulates new collagen growth, which begins to transform the skin from the inside as it builds and strengthens tissue structure.

the benefits

HIFU facial treatments are used to bring a variety of benefits to a broader range of skin types, suiting all age groups. At Clinique Matrice, we’ll guide you through the different applications and benefits of HIFU. From tightening skin to lifting and plumping, focussed ultrasound could help you.

HIFU Cosmetic treatment

HIFU for cosmetic treatment is growing more popular in the younger age groups looking for advanced facial therapies.

It, and other advanced facials are fast becoming a popular alternative to laser and other invasive treatments.

HIFU Treatment - how it works

HIFU for anti aging

HIFU has a wide range of anti aging benefits and is among the most popular of the latest non-invasive facial treatments alongside LED. In fact, some of the best results can be achieved by combining these types of treatments.

Collagen levels reduce as we grow older, and the skin loses volume and elasticity as a result. HIFU stimulates the collagen cells and encourages regrowth. This is because the focussed ultrasound targets the deeper tissue layers to generate a healing response.

Some of the benefits can be realised almost straightaway, with others developing over the subsequent weeks and months:

No chemicals and 100% natural, using focussed ultrasound

With no downtime, this type of therapy is perfect for busy working professionals fitting in treatments during lunch breaks

Helps to maintain a glow to younger skin, brightening the complexion

Keeps collagen cells stimulated

Shallower treatment available for stimulating collagen in younger skin – HIFU Glow

HIFU Ultrasound facials

HIFU technology

Clinique Matrice was the first clinic to offer TGA-approved HIFU technology in Queensland back in 2020, when HIFU began to take the celebrity world by storm in earnest.

Natural, gentle and effective, the new technology offered a painless approach to traditionally invasive and painful treatments.

Today, the next gen centreless HIFU technology is improving skin tone through collagen regeneration for a wider range of skin types and age groups. As the HIFU trainer for Queensland, Elaine offers a gentle, experienced touch in her warm, zen clinic in the quiet Brisbane suburbs in Toowong. If you’ve considered HIFU, make sure you choose a qualified practitioner with the right technology first.

Before HIFU Treatment at Clinique Matrice

HIFU results – before and after treatment

Some of the effects of HIFU can be visible straightaway, such as the brightening of a dull complexion or skin tone, for instance. Individual results, however, may vary and the collagen stimulation and new growth process can take up to 3-6 months to develop fully.

After HIFU treatment and Microneedling

This depends on other factors too:

The number of sessions and regularity
The desired result
Diet and lifestyle
The usual skin care routine – daily moisturising, sun screen protection etc
Exposure to daily pollutants
And much more.

Combining treatments can also affect the results of HIFU sessions, such as:

HIFU and Microneedling
HIFU and nourishing facial products
HIFU and LED light therapy

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