Facial Hair Removal

Have you been looking for a permanent solution to facial hair removal?

Unwanted facial hair is a big concern for women of all ages. It can result in self-consciousness, embarrassment & can impact upon personal relationships.

Regular maintenance by temporary facial hair removal methods such as plucking, waxing, shaving and depilatory creams are time consuming and can interfere with everyday life.

Regardless of the cause, be it hereditary or due to hormonal changes, there is a permanent solution – facial hair removal with Electrolysis.

The Effects of Temporary Facial Hair Removal Methods

Plucking / Tweezing

Each time a hair is plucked out, a portion of the lower hair follicle is torn. This damage results in a thicker and darker hair emerging weeks later.

Infection, pitting and scarring can result, as well as dark shadowing beneath the skin. Women who use plucking as a facial hair removal method are letting themselves in for a far greater problem than she had before.


Facial hair removal by waxing removes all the hairs, not only the more noticeable unwanted hairs. Finer hairs will also be pulled out and will eventually become stronger and thicker too.

This method requires repeating every few weeks as the hair re-grows. Waxing of the face is therefore never advisable.


This removes hair at the skin surface level. Shaving makes the end of the hair blunt and consequently it feels sharp and coarse upon regrowth.

Because of this, women who use shaving as a facial hair removal method find that the process has to be repeated every few days, which can often lead to skin irritation, dryness and redness.

Depilatory creams

These creams dissolve the hair that is above the skin surface. It is messy, time consuming and has to be repeated weekly.

Often, using depilatory creams as a regular facial hair removal method can lead to skin irritation and weeping. Some people can develop allergies to the chemicals that are contained in the creams over time.


Threading has the same effect as plucking and waxing, but involves the use of a thread to pull out the hairs.

When considering temporary facial hair removal methods such as those listed above, one must consider the inconvenience and ultimate cost of repeating this process on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – for life.

Many new treatments for hair reduction have emerged over time, but Electrolysis has remained, for over 100 years, the only treatment to achieve truly permanent results. Electrolysis is the most effective facial hair removal method when carried out by a highly qualified and experienced practitioner.

Facial Hair Removal by Electrolysis – How it Works

Electrolysis works by the gentle insertion of a fine, sterile, individual disposable probe, the same thickness as the hair itself, into each individual hair follicle – a natural pocket within the skin from which the hair emerges.

Once correctly positioned, a small amount of energy is discharged down the probe to destroy the hair root, without damaging surrounding skin. Clients describe the sensation of treatment as ‘quick warmth’.

This makes Electrolysis is the perfect solution for facial hair removal.

Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA and the British Medical Association, and is suitable for everyone.

Elaine at Clinique Matrice uses the latest Apilus Platinum Pure computerized technology and has more than 20 years experience in treating unwanted hair problems, both in the UK and Australia. Her conveniently located & comfortable clinic offers her clients a discreet and relaxed experience.

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