What Hormone Causes Facial Hair in Women?

Testosterone or Androgens Hormones

Testosterone (also known as androgens) causes unwanted facial hair in women. Most people think that only men have testosterone, but in fact all women have it as well. Normally women have only around 5 to 8% of men’s levels of testosterone. When women have higher levels of this hormone it can result in an increase in facial hair growth.

What Is Normal Facial Hair for Women

All women have some facial hair, it is usually however fair in colour, found on the sides of the face and on the outer corners of the upper lip. Normal facial hair in women is soft and fine.

What Causes Facial Hair in Women

A high level of testosterone or androgens can cause women to start to grow hair in places that are not the norm and also result in an increase of facial hair. Facial hair growth causes by high levels of testosterone or androgens in women is usually coarse, darker in colour and the pattern of growth is very much like that of normal hair growth in men. This type of facial hair most often causes women embarrassment. It can also be very fast growing. In some cases women can resort to shaving their face on a daily basis similar to that of men.


If a woman has hair growth such as described above then they are said to have the condition Hirsutism. Hirsutism can also cause women to have smaller breasts and larger muscles than the norm.

Women More Likely To Have Unwanted Facial Hair

It has been found that there are certain ethnic groups that have a higher risk of developing this condition. These include those of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and South Asian descent. Hirsutism also runs in families as a result of genetics.

How Common Is Facial Hair in Women

Hirsutism is more common than most people think. Due to the embarrassment caused by unwanted facial hair growth women do not in general discuss this condition with family or friends. This silence on the topic means that the population in general is unaware of how common facial hair is in women. If you suffer from hirsutism, you are not alone – there are in fact many celebratories and other well known persons who have the same condition.

Facial Hair Growth during Puberty

During puberty testosterone levels rise in both sexes and this causes hair pubic and underarm hair growth – and chest hair as well for men. The increase of testosterone during puberty for women can also cause hair growth in other areas including around the nipples, on the upper lip, the chin and between the navel and pubic region. Less common is hair growth on women’s backs, stomachs, necks and cheeks. The darker, coarser hair that occurs in certain women due to a higher level of testosterone is not in itself dangerous. It is actually harmless health wise. The higher levels of testosterone can however have other detrimental health problems. One example is polycystic ovarian syndrome.

How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair in Women

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