How to Remove Superfluous Hair

Every woman will look at ways of how to remove superfluous hair at some stage. Almost all of us pluck our eyebrows, shave our underarms and wax our legs or bikini line.

There are varying degrees of superfluous hair and 60% of women all across the planet have what we deem as ‘normal’ excess hair growth, which we treat with all the usual methods of removal;

  • Plucking
  • Waxing
  • Depilatory creams
  • Shaving

Most of us deal with the issue of how to remove superfluous hair with these methods as part of our cosmetic routine on a weekly and occasionally on a daily basis. However, using these methods in the long-term can cause damage to the skin; dryness; soreness and in some cases can lead to scarring.

How to remove superfluous hair permanently

Electrolysis gives us a welcome break from this with a permanent method of hair removal that offers freedom from that hair removal routine.

More than 100 years ago, Electrolysis was developed for the removal of ingrowing eyelashes as the procedure was the safest way to deal with the problem.

Over the years, technology has evolved to bring the state-of-the-art system that we see today in advanced clinics, such as Clinique Matrice.

We use computerised Electrolysis equipment and, in the right hands, delivers fast and effective results with almost no awareness from the client. This has proved to be a long-awaited, welcome relief from painful plucking and waxing away of superfluous hair for thousands of women!

How to remove superfluous hair in extreme cases

Occasionally, women can experience excess growth of hair that is either heavy or in places that one would not expect to see it.

Women are most susceptible to heavy growth of superfluous hair during times in their lives when the hormones are at their most unstable;

  • During puberty
  • During Pregnancy
  • In times of anxiety or great stress
  • During menopause

Although uncommon, as many as 40% of women can achieve excess hair growth at uncomfortable levels on the face, chest or abdomen. Sometimes this can be caused by illness or conditions that affect the delicate hormone balance in the body.

Over the coming weeks, we will address some of these extreme issues in a series of blog posts designed to be informative and to help sufferers to decide how to deal with the instance of how to remove superfluous hair alongside the medical treatment regime in place with their health care professionals. Clinique Matrice are happy to work in conjunction with this regime and can advise sufferers of the best way forward.

If you would like to discuss how to remove superfluous hair, have been looking for a safe and permanent hair removal method, or are simply tired of painful plucking and waxing techniques, then come along and have a chat with Elaine. Her clinic has been carefully selected to offer her clients the utmost privacy, where comfort and excellent care is top of her list of priorities.

Elaine Marley is a highly qualified Electrolygist, with over 25 years of experience in Electrolysis hair removal, both in Australia and in the UK.

Give her a call today. Make the most of a free consultation and take a step towards permanent hair removal. You will find the answers to how to remove superfluous hair at Clinique Matrice – comfortably, discreetly and permanently!

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