Temporary Facial Hair Removal for Women – Shaving

Shaving is not the ideal method of temporary facial hair removal for women, but it can sometimes be the only option for women suffering with extreme cases of excessive growth, such as those who suffer from PCOS or other conditions that place hormonal stresses upon the body.

We have been discussing temporary facial hair removal for women in this series, to examine the adverse affects that the most common methods bring, often exacerbating the problem. Although shaving is perfectly acceptable for large areas of hair removal, such as the legs, every woman who shaves will notice that the hairs grow back with a coarser and thicker appearance than they had before. This leads to the necessity to shave more often, usually every few days, until shaving becomes an integrated part of the normal beauty routine.

Imagine if that beauty regime suddenly involved shaving the face. Facial hair removal for women is less common, but still a surprising 40% of all women have excess facial hair growth at some point during their lives.

Although we accept that shaving is not ideal for the sensitive skin of a woman’s face, resulting in dryness, soreness and over time, toughens up the skin, we also realise that shaving does not encourage more excess, thick hair to grow, nor does it damage or alter the structure of the hair follicle beneath the skin, unlike plucking and waxing. Shaving however, can alter the appearance of the hair, as it blunts the tapered ends off, which results in thicker, coarser-looking hair with sharp, whisker-like regrowth.

In extreme cases, shaving is the only method of facial hair removal for women to maintain a level of control over the excessive growth.The occurrence of the swift regrowth can cause heightened stress for women and can lead to depression, self-consciousness and anxiety.

What is the Answer to Facial Hair Removal for Women Permanently?

The only answer to permanently relieve the occurrence of excessive facial hair is electrolysis. Electrolysis is the only 100% proven and widely accepted method of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is suitable for everyone and, unlike laser hair removal, is a safe and permanent solution for all skin types and complexions.

Elaine, at Clinique Matrice specialises in facial hair removal for women at her stylish and discreet clinic located on the outskirts of Brisbane. She has over 25 years experience with Electrolysis in both the UK and Australia and is happy to talk to you about the alternative method of facial hair removal for women.

Elaine has helped women, just like you, to retake control of their lives and regain their confidence. Whether you have one or two stubborn hairs or a more serious condition, Elaine can help you at Clinique Matrice – permanent facial hair removal for women.

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