How Does Stress Cause Excess Facial Hair Growth in Women?

We receive a number of questions concerning the subject of stress and facial hair growth in women, wondering if there is a link. The short answer is yes – stress can affect facial hair growth, indeed not just upon the face, but also elsewhere on the body in places that you would not ‘normally’ expect to see it.

The problem can occur in both men and women; however, women are not used to excess facial hair growth and can find it to be far more of an issue in their lives than men, for clearly obvious reasons. Excess facial hair growth in women can cause more stress, thus resulting in a problem with facial hair that can get progressively worse, a vicious circle, if you like.

Why does stress cause excess facial hair growth?

During periods of stress, the adrenal glands become overactive, pumping out catecholamines (or stress hormones) in greater quantities, which speed up the body and create the ‘fight or flight’ reactions. The excessive quantities of these hormones and also androgen, that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands are then circulated around the body more quickly, which can lead to excess facial hair growth.

Avoidance of stress is clearly a solution to the problem, but is unlikely. At times, we all encounter periods of stress. That said, it is usually lengthened periods of stress that will lead to excess facial hair growth and not just ‘a bad day at the office’.

Those of us who do find ourselves in the situation where we have excess facial hair growth can do something about it on a permanent basis with Electrolysis, the only truly permanent method of facial hair removal for women.

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