People of all ages are beginning to develop neck rings, which resemble wrinkles that appear horizontally across the neck. A modern phenomenon now called Tech Neck, has a wider range of symptoms, including sometimes chronic neck pain.

At Clinique Matrice, we see a wide range of clients and a growing number of people are suffering with not only tech neck rings, but the discomfort associated with the condition. Let’s find out more about neck rings and what you can do about them.

What is Tech Neck?

Caused by typical device usage, tech neck is causing a stir around the world, particularly among the younger age groups. Also referred to as ‘text neck’, the condition is directly related to the typical posture we assume when using technology such as phones and tablets. This means that continual strain is placed on the neck muscles and skin.

In addition to the appearance of neck rings, many of us will notice sore muscles around the neck and shoulder blades following a prolonged session of use. When we are focussed on something absorbing, such as social feeds or gaming, for example, we often do not realise how still or how poor our posture has been. Over time, tech neck can also lead to misaligned muscles, pain, soreness and stiffness of the spine and a raft of other problems.

Why does the skin form neck rings?

The effects of tech neck on this delicate skin result in premature aging, with fine lines and deeper wrinkles developing at the point where the head is tilted downwards repetitively. These neck rings have traditionally been associated with age, however, today a growing number of much younger people are being affected.

Thinner and more delicate, the skin of the neck folds when our heads are tilted downwards towards the screen. This repeated movement leads to the development of wrinkles – fine at first, then deepening over time and settling into visible neck rings.

How to prevent the appearance of neck rings

There are few ways to help prevent these deep neck rings and catch them before they begin making an appearance. It means training yourself to improve your posture when scrolling, reading or watching content on devices. This will benefit both the skin and the muscles of the neck and help to prevent strain and pain in these areas too.

Try to find a new position when using your device and be aware of the tilt of your head. You could try this in a mirror to see where lines could potentially appear. Moisturising is important, including sunscreen when you’re outside.

Treating neck rings if you have them

If you have already noticed the appearance of neck rings, there are treatments that can help minimise the effects. Products rich in nutrients and antioxidants can help to nourish and moisturise the skin, especially when delivered by advanced therapies such as microneedling or during an ultrasound facial, for example.

These types of therapies can be highly effective in minimising fine lines to deeper wrinkles. They promote a boost in collagen and can quickly smooth the delicate skin of the neck area.

At Clinique Matrice, we work with people of all ages and are seeing a growing number of young people being affected by tech neck and the associated neck rings that they weren’t expecting to see for a few more years.

We offer expert advice during your free consultation and a range of therapies to suit your individual needs. With Mesopen microneedling, ultrasound facials with HIFU and a range of Roccoco Botanical facials, we’re here to help you keep your neck rings at bay. Call Elaine today to find out more or to book your free, 30-minute skin consultation on 0402 046 637.

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