HIFU Ultrasound facials

Ultrasound facials are creating a wave of excitement in the world of aestheticians right now – and for good reason. While not new treatments, ultrasound facials have come a long way in recent years, previously known for being eye-wateringly painful. Today, HIFU technology has revolutionised the ultrasound facial – let’s find out more.

HIFU – The Ultrasound Facial You’ve Been Looking For

Ultrasound technology has grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years and today offers a much more comfortable – and effective – form of facial therapy. HIFU technology, for instance, can be used around the delicate eye area and is often referred to in the celebrity world as the next best thing to a surgical facelift but without the surgery!

As Queensland’s HIFU trainer for Heritage Healers, Elaine knows a thing or two about these revolutionary advanced facials and offers HIFU facial lifting treatments to her clients in Toowong.

What is an ultrasound facial?

An ultrasound facial treatment uses technology to deliver focussed ultrasound waves through the skin layers. HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) typically focusses the energy wave at around 4-4.5mm below the surface of the skin, bypassing the upper skin layers and targeting very specific areas in a non-invasive treatment.

How HIFU works

HIFU is one of the latest centreless technologies for a painless approach to ultrasound facials. Gentle and effective on most skin types, HIFU has been taking the celebrity world by storm since 2020, when the new centreless technology was launched.

Targeting at this depth focusses the waves on the deeper skin levels and promotes a response through collagen regeneration. This begins to transform the surface layers from the inside as new collagen growth builds and strengthens the underlying tissues.

HIFU Ultrasound facials at Clinique Matrice

Clinique Matrice was the first clinic to offer TGA-approved HIFU technology in Queensland during that time. Today, Elaine is a trainer for Heritage Healers and trains practitioners from all over the state in the delivery of these innovative ultrasound facials.

Find out more about HIFU ultrasound facials on our dedicated page here.

Are you ready to try ultrasound facials?

Elaine offers a free, 30-minute skin assessment and consultation and is happy to answer any questions you might have about ultrasound facials, HIFU and the centreless technology she expertly uses. Book your free consultation today on 0402 046 637.

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