The latest celebrity anti ageing treatment is always a hot topic, regardless of where you live in the world. There have been a few trends over the past decade and more and more celebrities are turning away from surgery in favour of non-invasive anti-ageing treatments.

One of the latest celebrity anti-ageing treatments to take the beauty world by storm is HIFU facial rejuvenation technology. Often referred to as ‘Hollywood HIFU’, this non-invasive treatment is fast-becoming the ‘go-to’ for celebrities looking for a facelift without the surgery.

How HIFU works

HIFU is the acceptable brand name for High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound and how it works is in part explained in the name. HIFU uses ultrasound energy to penetrate deep into the facial tissues, which stimulates the regeneration of collagen.

By targeting the deeper structural and muscular layers at different depths of the face, the ultrasound energy generates a healing response, which stimulates new collagen growth. The collagen grids build under the skin over the coming months. As collagen regenerates, the skin is transformed from within as it builds and strengthens the facial tissues.

This results in tighter, smoother skin and a healthy glow, which makes this anti-ageing treatment popular in women of all ages.

The benefits of HIFU compared to the alternatives

The latest TGA-approved HIFU technology offers a more comfortable experience and faster results than many other anti-ageing treatments that have come before. While laser treatments, for example, offer an alternative to a surgical facelift, they don’t suit everyone and can lead to damage to the deep tissues over prolonged use.

HIFU offers a completely non-invasive alternative to a surgical facelift, with full results taking just 3-6 months to develop once the new collagen growth has been stimulated. Individual results vary, and many women notice a difference very early on.

The results of HIFU anti-ageing treatments can last anywhere between a year and two years, much longer than other treatments, such as Botox, for instance.

A non-surgical approach to your facelift

Years ago, the only approach to a facelift was through surgery. Modern technology has changed all that and today’s celebrities can enjoy much gentler anti-ageing treatments. HIFU facial rejuvenation technology also ticks all the boxes for busy people with the bonus of minimal downtime – something that simply isn’t possible following a surgical procedure.

HIFU treatments are unique, as they encourage your tissues and vital collagen layers to build and rejuvenate themselves with no help from chemicals, implants or surgery. Women all over the world are now enjoying the benefits of natural celebrity anti-ageing treatments – with no scalpels, no needles and no medical dressings.

What signs of anti-ageing can HIFU help with?

HIFU can help with all the most common signs of ageing in a woman’s face, such as, but not limited to:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging brow, cheeks and jowls
  • Dull complexion
  • Loss of definition or excess fat
  • Lip lines and open pores

Once treatment commences, HIFU starts delivering results and begins its facial rejuvenation and can benefit women of all ages. It can help to maintain a healthy glow in young skin and effectively holds back the signs of ageing with tighter, smoother skin.


How Clinique Matrice can help

Enjoy the latest celebrity anti ageing treatment in your local facial spa clinic

Clinique Matrice can offer the latest TGA-approved HIFU technology with Elaine in the comfort of her quiet, restful and discreet clinic. If you’ve been looking for the latest celebrity anti-ageing treatment near Brisbane, give her a call to discuss your options.

The treatment can be customised according to the clients’ specific needs. Areas can be targeted individually or holistically. Elaine will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Enjoy natural radiance and look forward to a smoother complexion with HIFU anti-ageing treatments at Clinique Matrice.

Find out more about your HIFU treatments here or call Elaine on 0402 046 637 to book your consultation.

Clinique Matrice is a secret gem, hiding away discreetly in the suburban district of Toowong, offering Elaine’s clients the perfect chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With ample parking and disabled access.

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