Permanent Hair Removal Brisbane

More than 40% of women suffer from the occurrence of unwanted or excess hair growth and strive to find the best permanent hair removal methods for women

Every woman experiences the growth of hair where we don’t really want it; on our legs, under our arms and on our intimate places, but excess facial, chest or abdominal hair can cause anxiety, stress and discomfort for the sufferer.

Almost all of these women will have tried hair removal methods such as plucking, shaving, waxing or even laser hair removal.

Some women suffer with extreme excess hair, which is rare, but when levels of hair growth that are perfectly normal and acceptable for men occur, this can cause severe confidence issues for women, who often ‘cover up’ and leave their pretty blouses in the wardrobe.

While troublesome, superfluous hair is not uncommon and can be easily dealt with under a manageable program of Electrolysis treatments.

Whether your superfluous hair is severe or mild, Electrolysis is up there at the top of the best permanent hair removal methods for women and can help you.

When looking at the best permanent hair removal methods for women:

Electrolysis leads the way as it is widely known that Electrolysis is the only 100% permanent hair removal method. Other methods, such as shaving or plucking can remove the hairs on a temporary basis, but surely enough, the hair grows back. In almost all cases, the hair not only grows back, but it does so with a vengeance, often thicker and stronger than before.

Laser hair removal therapy can successfully reduce the rate at which the hair grows but it is never truly a permanent solution.

Electrolysis literally tackles the root of the problem, and results in the total destruction of the follicle, ensuring no regrowth. Using a tiny probe, a specialist Electrolygist skilfully treats each individual hair follicle beneath the surface of the skin.

Visiting a qualified and experienced professional is critical to achieve the results you deserve to reclaim your confidence.

Come along to our comfortable and discreet clinic for a consultation with Elaine at Clinique Matrice. She is highly qualified and experienced with a commitment to her client’s individual requirements.

Call Elaine today to book an appointment and look forward to the freedom from unwanted excess hair with the only truly permanent hair removal method – Electrolysis.

If you have been searching for the best permanent hair removal methods for women, then look no further than Electrolysis.