Can LED Light Help Acne?

DermaLux LED light technology repairs and restores


Clinique Matrice takes a look at how LED light therapy helps acne and why it is growing in popularity for acne sufferers all over the world. As an advanced facial therapist, Elaine understands the challenges faced by acne sufferers and uses Dermalux LED light therapy to help.

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Acne can be a sensitive issue in every sense of the word. While traditional treatments for acne, such as topical creams, do provide some relief for sufferers, they can often lead to other problems like thinning the skin, for example.

Many sufferers of acne are turning to modern treatments that avoid chemical-based products and provide a more natural approach to therapy. LED light is one of the most popular, helping to treat acne, sun damage, operation wounds, psoriasis and more.

Acne Before and After LED Light Treatment

What does light therapy do?

LED light therapy uses varying blue light wavelengths to stimulate the skin’s own natural healing processes and encourage a reduction of oils in the skin. Red light is also often used to help reduce inflammation and may reduce scarring.

Treatment of acne using LED typically helps to repair the skin over several sessions. Many sufferers notice a difference and find relief within a handful of LED light sessions, particularly when experiencing a severe outbreak of acne.

Can LED light help Acne

Professional or at-home LED light therapy?

The best technology is vastly more expensive to buy than the cheaper home lamps on sale. Using cheaper LED technology can be risky and it is important to understand your exact needs before you jump in and purchase your own lamp to use at home.

A professional light therapist will first assess your acne and the surrounding skin before recommending a safe and effective treatment plan. The skin is carefully prepared before each treatment, monitored during therapy sessions and assessed following each visit to ensure healthy progress. Read our blog post to find out more.

Be aware that not all acne sufferers will benefit from LED light therapy and a professional therapist will offer you a consultation to see if it is for you. Beware of cheap home lamps and understand that misuse can result in further damage to the skin.

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